Book Event Updates

What have I been up to in general?

It’s that time of year – fishing season! What does that mean? Well, it means several things. First, my front door will constantly open and close for the next several months as the fishing team members will be coming and going for tournaments. Door County/Lake Michigan/the bays of Sturgeon Bay and Green Bay provide for some of the best fishing you’ll ever find. Second, it hopefully means my freezer will fill with Salmon, Trout, and Walleye. Third, it means there will be a little joyriding/fun in the sun on my brother’s boat as well. The sights from the water are equally as good as the fishing. Here a picture of the Cana Island Lighthouse taken from the waters of Lake Michigan in April.


As you may remember, my brother is on the pro staff for Crestliner and my logo is included in his boat wrap. I did adjust the logo slightly for the upcoming season. Here it is. What do you think?

Hooked on Books

What’s new in my book world?

I am getting super excited about the upcoming book events I plan to attend! I can’t wait to start seeing readers and other authors in person. It has been way too long. I miss you all. My fingers are crossed that Mayhem in the Midwest and Book Lovers Con will NOT get canceled or be postponed again.

Mayhem in the Midwest is going to be held in Madison, WI in August. I’d love to see you there! Here’s where you can find the details about this event:

Mayhem in the Midwest

Book Lovers Con 2021 is going to be held in Orlando, FL in December. What could be better than a book event in Florida in December? When you live in Wisconsin, I doubt there is anything better than that during that time of year. ? You won’t want to miss this one!

Here’s where you can find more information regarding Book Lovers Con:


That’s it for now. Stay safe and Healthy my friends!

Until next time!


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