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~~To prove his undying love and loyalty, he’ll risk sacrificing her trust.~~



Ben Deprez has been secretly in love with Cori for years and knowing of her wounded heart has him waiting impatiently for the right time to make his move. Now is the time, and Cori seems receptive, but Ben’s past still haunts him. He’s never been that guy who can say or do the right thing when it comes to women. His divorce is proof.

Cori Pierre-Simon has had about all she can take working two jobs to support her family since her ex left without a trace ten years earlier. The last thing she needs is to get involved with another man who would surely disappoint her.

Just when Cori decides to open her heart to Ben, women he holds key information about turn up dead. Then, when she uncovers an unusual connection between Ben and another woman, she realizes she should have never trusted him and his womanizing ways.

When Cori’s son finds himself in an illegal predicament, he turns to Ben for help. Ben answers the call for aid full-well knowing that in helping the teenager he will risk losing Cori’s trust, the very thing he’s worked hard to earn. Ben is left hoping she loves him enough to forgive him for the decisions he’s made to right the wrongs of her son and himself.

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Need some convincing?  Check out these reviews:

Lynn said:

Totally got enthralled in the plot of this book. What a great murder mystery story, that incorporates family values, and love as well. Main characters Ben and Cori are strong characters that both work thru personal struggles. The plot was very interesting and kept my attention throughout. I was begging for more at the end of the book. Very good story line and kept my attention throughout the book. Loved the book!

Darla said:

I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review and I honestly loved it. While it is the second in a series, I was able to read it with no problem even though I haven’t read the first one. It was well-written with wonderful and believable characters. I truly enjoyed this book and will be getting the first one so I can catch up on the series. I highly recommend this book.

Tracey said:

This is an entertaining, steamy, well-written, fast paced romantic suspense novel with likable, engaging, mature characters. It has intrigue, small town and family drama, a captivating mystery, a heart-warming romance, and a happily ever after ending.

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