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Destiny Reclaimed, a Preserver & Protector Novel is on SALE for $.99!

~~ Preserving destiny is hard, reclaiming it is near impossible. ~~


Jack Cornelis’ life is planned. Complete his tour of duty in Vietnam, intact. Return home. Marry his sweetheart and have a family. But, the powers that be have other ideas for him. Like his ancestors, Jack is a Preserver. When duty calls, he’s whisked back in time to preserve his family’s decorated military record while his thieving relatives attempt to steal the Cornelis heroism to hold as their own.

Gwendoline Tebon happily marries Jack when he returns from war. But her jubilance is shattered when her twin brother is killed in action.

When Gwendoline discovers her husband is a time traveler who can change history, she begs him to go back and save her brother. He refuses. The Gods forbid Preservers to alter history, they are only to preserve it. Gwendoline is so distraught, it threatens the life of their unborn child. Jack gives in. But his slight change to history causes undesirable consequences in present day.

Jack scrambles to find a way to set the record straight before the new destiny takes hold and spirals completely out of control. But, can he? Is the new destiny now permanent and their idyllic life forever gone?

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Need some convincing?  Check out these reviews:

Tracey said:

This is a well-written, entertaining, steamy, historical time travel romance. It is a real page turner with likable, engaging characters, a heartwarming romance, small town charm, an unexpected twist, and a happily ever after ending. It is a wonderful tribute to the amazing men and women who serve our country in the military.

Lilly said:

The story is a page-turner. Beautifully written, with an amazing romantic love story, a lesson in history, and so much more.
I highly recommend!

Connie said:

This book held me spellbound. The story of a family dedicated to protecting both history and the future, where “whatever it takes” truly means whatever it takes. This book has all the elements, American pride, family honor, love and even some sexy stuff.
Couldn’t put it down and can’t wait to get started on another of her books.

Darla said:

I really enjoyed this book which is second in the series. The book’s well-written with well-rounded characters, some of whom you’ll like and others you won’t. I was drawn into the story from the beginning and kept hooked throughout. Full of intrigue, suspense, and romance, this book will reel you in and keep you turning pages. I’m looking forward to more from this series. I highly recommend both book and series.


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