Coming Soon – Time WARped (A Preserver & Protector Novel)

Admittedly, I’m getting pretty excited about the upcoming release of Time WARped. It’s also a bit nerve-racking because time travel is a new adventure for me. Release day, March 17th, can’t get here soon enough. My PR team is working hard to get the word out. My review team is reading and some have already provided advance praise for the book which you can find below.

Tag Line: Romancing destiny one moment at a time.


When Veteran Blake Cornelis visits his great grandfather’s Civil War grave, he is whisked back in time to Gettysburg, where his ancestor was a hero. His mission—to preserve his family’s decorated military record, because his cousin, Evan, is determined to steal the Cornelis heroism for his own family’s ancestry. Fighting Evan is demanding and requires unremitting vigilance. Fortunately, the gods have sent Blake an exquisite guardian angel to help him.

Ariel, a time travel Protector, is tasked on this journey with safeguarding Blake, and she vows to do that—at any cost. But the attractive hero from Wisconsin is unlike others she’s been assigned to protect. The intense attraction between them casts them into deadly peril on the battlefield.

Blake and Ariel are sent into other wartimes, and as secrets unfold they realize they must sacrifice all to conquer his evil cousin, for the Cornelis honor is not all that is at stake. The fate of the American people lies in their hands. But Evan is a formidable foe, determined to achieve his mission, and since he has nothing to lose, he’ll do whatever it takes to succeed—no matter the cost.

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Need some convincing?  Here’s some reviews:

Darla said:

Well-written with characters you’ll love to get know, this book is a wonderful read. It’s intriguing and keeps you engaged through to the end. I was drawn into the story as I went through everything with Blake and Ariel. The time-travel aspect is thrilling keeping you aware of the butterfly effect where one little change can affect everything for years to come. That’s where the Preservers come into play. I enjoyed this book immensely and am really hoping there’s another book to come. I highly recommend Time WARped. 

Helen said:

Time travel, the butterfly effect, protectors and preservers of history as it was originally played out–or was it? If you’re a fan of the Back to the Future film trilogy, you’ll appreciate how this book takes a mind-bending dive into pivotal American war events as they pertain to one particular family tree and its valorous and not-so-valorous branches when dark forces conspire to change the past and influence the future.

Engaging, mature characters in a fast-paced, steamy love affair across time and place add to a story celebrating America’s veterans. Memorial Day anchors the events and anchors Blake and his family line. I applaud the author for her research into history and the mind-boggling mechanics of time travel. This is clearly the start of a series because without preservers and protectors, history is always in danger of being altered. An enjoyable and thought-provoking read. I received an ARC from the author, but this is my honest opinion.

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