Time WARped Novel & Traveling Rocks

Guess what swag I’m bringing to BOOK LOVERS CON next week?

If you guessed the typical pens, bookmarks, and coasters you would be correct. But wait, there’s more!

I’m bringing traveling rocks hand-painted by yours truly. Okay, so, once those of you who know me stop laughing, because you know I’m the least crafty person on the planet, let me say that I really did paint these rocks myself.

To celebrate the release of Time WARped (A Preserver & Protector novel), the first book in my new time travel romance series, I have fourteen of these original painted rocks to hand out at the conference during the book signing on Saturday.

Here’s how it works:

Author Valerie J. Clarizio


Time WARped

and the Traveling Rocks

I invite you to stop by my book signing table and take one of these traveling rocks.  Keep it as a paperweight or hide it for someone else to find and enjoy (They in turn register and keep it or re-hide it.). Either way, take a selfie with it, with or without me in it, and register it at facebook.com/valerie.clarizio/ after you ‘like’ the page so that we can see where this rock traveled to and who it is keeping company with.  If you’d like, feel free to paint your own Time WARped traveling rock, whether you are at the Book Lovers Con conference or not, and register it on my FB page. I’d love to see what you come up with.

The rocks, just like the characters in Time WARped, inquiring minds want to know what they are up to.  Let’s have some fun with this! How far will these rocks travel and how quickly? Let’s make this thing go viral!

Here’s a peek at my handiwork.




Not coming to Book Lovers Con to nab your copy of Time WARped, no worries, you can nab your copy from one of the retailers below.

Tag Line: Romancing destiny one moment at a time.


When Veteran Blake Cornelis visits his great grandfather’s Civil War grave, he is whisked back in time to Gettysburg, where his ancestor was a hero. His mission—to preserve his family’s decorated military record, because his cousin, Evan, is determined to steal the Cornelis heroism for his own family’s ancestry. Fighting Evan is demanding and requires unremitting vigilance. Fortunately, the gods have sent Blake an exquisite guardian angel to help him.

Ariel, a time travel Protector, is tasked on this journey with safeguarding Blake, and she vows to do that—at any cost. But the attractive hero from Wisconsin is unlike others she’s been assigned to protect. The intense attraction between them casts them into deadly peril on the battlefield.

Blake and Ariel are sent into other wartimes, and as secrets unfold they realize they must sacrifice all to conquer his evil cousin, for the Cornelis honor is not all that is at stake. The fate of the American people lies in their hands. But Evan is a formidable foe, determined to achieve his mission, and since he has nothing to lose, he’ll do whatever it takes to succeed—no matter the cost.

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