Cover Reveal

Here it is! The Cover for my upcoming release – CRAZED RECKONING (3rd novella in the Nick Spinelli romance mystery series)

Teaser..  “Let me get this right. You’re telling me your dead father’s finger showed up in a cache box in Door County, over forty years after your father died.”



After experiencing a murderous Christmas and Valentine’s Day with love interest Shannon O’Hara, Detective Nick Spinelli assumed Saint Patrick’s Day couldn’t be any worse.

He was wrong.

While out on a geocaching adventure in Door County, Shannon and her friend Anna find more than a clue in the cache box. When Shannon disappears, Spinelli is sent racing to find her. Amidst the chaos of an unruly Irish celebration, and a decades-old Irish family feud, he must rescue her from the hands of a madman.

3 thoughts on “Cover Reveal”

  1. I like it! When is your release date?

    1. Hi Maddie, It looks like it is going to be released on March 5th. Thanks for asking.

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