Experience and Lessons Learned at Book Signings!

Well, I made it through my first series of book signings and I have to admit it was touch and go at times.  When it all started, I didn’t think that I’d be nervous.  After all, why would I be?  I know how to write and spell my own name.  How hard could it be?  I was just going to sign my name on a book that I had poured my heart and soul into.  Therein lays the problem.  Suddenly people were coming to see me, face to face, to buy my book and get it signed.  As these nice people sat at the table across from me, we would talk about the book, I’d explain that it was a quirky romantic suspense novella, and sign the book.  Many of my visitors told me they couldn’t wait to get home to read it, or they couldn’t wait to give it to the person they’d purchased it for.  That’s when realization set in, what if at the end of the day they didn’t like it?  How did that thought not occur to me before?  Yikes!  What does one do if someone tells you they didn’t like your book?  I still don’t the answer to that question…any suggestions?  Hide, run, change may name?  I guess this is where a pen name would have come in handy:)

At any rate, I learned some lessons along the way.  Following are just a few:

1)      Always smile and make eye contact.

2)      There are numerous ways to spell even the most basic names so always ask for the proper spelling.

3)      Customers may be buying the book for someone else for a special occasion so ask if they’d like anything special to be written in the book.

4)      Make sure to use a quick dry/non-smearing pen.

5)      Put out a dish of candy, it will draw attention to your table (bribery works).

6)      Contain your look of surprise when people ask you include their pet’s names in the To: or From: sections (okay, I’m one of those people who signed my Siamese cat’s name to every holiday card for nearly 19 years)

7)      Bring an extrovert friend with you.  Even if someone didn’t want to buy your book in the first place they will just to shut your friend up:)

Anyone else want to share book signing experiences or lessons learned?

2 thoughts on “Experience and Lessons Learned at Book Signings!”

  1. They will all like your book. 😉 These are really good tips, Valerie. I’m glad everything went well for you. I’ve had one woman, who only read a sample at Amazon, say she hated Susan, hated the book, would never, ever, ever want to read it. At first it sent my heart racing, today it doesn’t bother me. If I met the woman, we would likely be friends.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Maddie. For the record, I think your Susan character is great…Darby too.

      I see your Nano work, Windy City Hunter, has been released at both Amazon and Smashwords. You are so quick. Congratulations!

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