Nick Spinelli’s Favorite Movies

A while back, a blogger asked my fictional hero, Nick Spinelli, to disclose his top five movie list.  After some consideration, Nick came up with the following list:

1.  Dirty Harry

2.  Lethal Weapon

3.  Tombstone

4.  Die Hard

5. The Holiday – Okay, maybe this movie is his Sweetheart’s favorite movie but Spinelli watches it over and over with her just to make her happy.

Due to the unpleasant weather today, Nick is considering staying indoors with his Honey for a fun-filled movie afternoon…and who knows what else may transpire ***wink wink***.  He’s perusing his movie library as we speak.

Question of the Day:  MC900434859[1]

If Spinelli hadn’t given consideration to his Sweetheart’s favorite movie, what movie do you think he would have included on his list of top five movies?  Any particular reason why you chose that movie?

5 thoughts on “Nick Spinelli’s Favorite Movies”

  1. More specifically – Lethal Weapon 4. Joe Pesci and Chris Rock are hilarious.

    I’m not reading as much as I’d like right now, Valerie. I’m still writing. But I’ll be reading your sequel soon!

    1. Hi Maddie, Lethal Weapon 4, with Joe Pesci and Chris Rock was great. I’m sure Spinelli enjoyed that movie as well.

      I enjoyed your interview on Jackie’s, To Breath is to Write, blog and I can’t wait to check out your new series. Did your niece do the cover of Murder Under Construction? I love work she’s done for you previously with your Susan Hunter Mystery series.

      1. Thanks, Valerie. My niece did do the cover. Because I want the new series to be completely different from Susan Hunter, we went in a new direction. They will all have the same header and footer – only the middle illustration, background color, and title will change. Now that she has a baby and less time, the simpler design will be easier for her, too.

        As much as I loved your first cover with the milk and cookies, I think your new covers are really great.

  2. I think Open Range might be on there. To include his girlfriend’s movie means he’s somewhat of a romantic whether he admits it or not. This is another Western to add to his list, the MC is kick butt and he gets the girl in the end.

    1. Oh yes, Open Range would have a good chance at making the list.

      There’s a lot about Spinelli he’s too embarrassed to admit:)

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