Pets – Why we love them and can’t help but write about them.

I can’t seem to write a story without a supporting pet for the hero and/or heroine.  My seventeen year old Chocolate Point Siamese tends to make regular appearances.  Maybe it’s because he’s always demanding my attention when I’m sitting at my computer.  

Pet loving authors, do you find your pets making their way into your manuscripts?  Readers, is it easy to recognize a pet loving author?  Let’s share some pet stories.

9 thoughts on “Pets – Why we love them and can’t help but write about them.”

  1. Emily Bryan says:

    Yes, my little dog Susie (an 8 pound Mystery breed) made it into Silk Dreams, one of my Diana Groe titles. She became “Loki”, the stray that warned my epileptic heroine of impending seizures. Susie is gone now after living to a ripe old age, but I still miss her everyday.

    1. valclarizio says:

      It’s amazing how those pets capture our hearts and take hold of us.

  2. Samantha says:

    I love pets. I favor cats. They have a bit of an attitude at times but they come through when you need them.

  3. Definitely love pets in books! Horses, cats, dogs, toads, raccoons. Yep, the last two are in my books, and I’ve had them as pets. 🙂

    1. valclarizio says:


      Toads and raccoons? Interesting choice for pets, and they make for good reading:)

  4. Pablo says:

    Our cats,
    Baby cat –
    is all attitude. “Who said to. touch me, unless I jump up on your lap while your on working working on the computer”

    Furgus I want all the attention you can give me and then some. He knows when to wake us up he i s our alarm clock no joke.

    We love our cats and we spoil them!

    1. Val Clarizio says:

      You certainly do. I’ve seen it first hand.

  5. We lost our beloved hound dog, Joe, last year to a misdiagnosis from our vet. 🙁 He was 13 and lived a wonderfully spoiled life. I just wrote him into my upcoming book, and his likeness is on the cover! He even has a heroic part. 🙂 You’re right – we just can’t help ourselves.

    1. Val Clarizio says:

      Sorry to hear about the loss of Joe. It’s hard to lose a pet, they become part of your family.

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