UPDATE – Couch to 5K – Day two!

So, day two of the program was the exact same regiment as day one, and pretty much turned out the same way – NOT GOOD.  I did it, but again, I’m so not a runner.  The day one and two running part of the program consisted of eight one minute runs.  That doesn’t sound difficult when I say it but it is.  Oh well, I get a day to recuperate and then I’ll be back at it for day three.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Note to self – It isn’t wise to do the 30 minute program right after dinner.  However, in my defense, it was the only timeslot I had today in which to do it.

Hiking is so much easier.  Here’s a photo of one of my hiking destinations in Glacier National Park.  If memory serves me this was only a six mile loop-short hike.


2 thoughts on “UPDATE – Couch to 5K – Day two!”

  1. Running after dinner? Outsch! Congrats for getting through 🙂

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