Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…..why not get warmed up for it with a LOVE ANTHOLOGY!!



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**Award winning & USA Today Recommended**

When love drops in unexpected, the strangest things can happen. Nine short stories from sweet to sultry, full of romance, magic and love from award winning and USA Today recommended authors.

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Under The Mango Tree: (Historical Romance) by Meredith Bond

Lakshmi is a good 18th c. Indian girl who should not be hiding among the branches of the mango tree avoiding her chores. She truly should not be seen by a man who is not a member of her family–an Englishman, no less. And she absolutely should not even contemplate speaking with this man. But Lakshmi has never been one to follow the rules.




Rolf’s Quest: (Historical Romance) by Aubrey Wynne

Time is running out for the royal wizard of Henry II. Rolf’s quest: find genuine love and lift the enchantment that has imprisoned his ancestor, Merlin, for centuries. Now he must win Melissa’s heart without the use of magic. She desires him, but will she defy her family and refuse her betrothed? Or will Rolf be doomed to a life of bitterness like his ancestors before him.




Fall Into Darkness: (Paranormal Romance) by Valerie Twombly

Eli, bounty hunter for the Tribunal, is sentenced to earth to find his humanity. But when temptation is thrown in the angel’s path in the form of the soft curvy Ashley, he is unable to resist. Fate may bring them together, but desire could bond them for eternity.




Roses Are Wrong, Violets Taboo: (Southern Romance) by Kris Calvert

When Alexander Chase Tabeau and Rose Westwood meet by chance, neither planned on stumbling into the best night of their life. But timing is everything and fate has a cruel sense of humor. With love on the line and nothing to lose, will one night together change their destiny forever?




Alphabetical Disorder: (Fantasy Romance) by Katie Stephens

When a trick horseback rider gets caught up in a dangerous prophecy that jeopardizes the circus, she believes she can solve the problem by dating alphabetically. Now all she has to do is figure out how to manipulate her flawed interpretation so she can be with the man she loves.




Love’s Not Viral: (Contemporary Romance) by Nessie Strange

When a crazed Hollywood star puts Aster Sanderson in the media crosshairs, her home becomes a prison. With her life out of control, the last person she expects to rescue her is her captor’s brother, James. Is their attraction a result of circumstance…or could it be something more?




Taking The Plunge: (Contemporary Romance) by Kishan Paul

When Pete, Eve’s high school crush, shows up in her life, she pepper sprays him. Despite her efforts to push him away, Pete finds himself drawn to the red haired beauty. When logic and emotion don’t agree, which path should she follow?




The Trouble With Never: (Southern Romance) by Isabella Harper

When Summer and Caleb run into each other after a long absence, sparks fly. Her painful past makes it hard for her to open up, but he’s more than willing to help. He’s loved her most of their lives. Can she learn to love and trust him, or will her fears push him away.




Keep Calm And Eat Chocolate: (Contemporary Romance) by Michaela Miles

When institution residents Elle and Chris meet, their personalities clash. During a quiet moment in the garden together, secrets are shared and a bond is formed. Will their connection be their downfall or lead to the fresh start they deserve?





 A Love Letter 

My dearest Melissa,

I have a confession to make and pray to my gods that you will believe me. Our first meeting was never accidental. Fate pulled you to that hilltop. I had waited for you since the day Merlin took over my training at the age of ten. You have haunted my dreams and filled my heart with hope. I knew the curve of your cheek, the softness of your lips and the kindness in your soul before I ever laid eyes on you. 

My quest is essential to end the curse upon my family line. The urgency to break the spell, holding my ancestor Merlin in a tree, has ruled the first born of each generation since the time of Arthur. I have been driven to find and claim you, make you fall in love with me without the use of my magic.  

And then you appeared before me and time stopped. The cold casing around my heart cracked a little more with every shared glance. 

I realized with each conversation, each touch of your hand that the quest no longer took precedence. If I did not make you mine, my future would be empty. I now see how barren my life has been and cannot live with such a void again.  

I willingly give up all my power, all my possessions of any worth, to hold you in my arms and call you my wife. Please, my love, wait for me. Have faith in our destiny. I will come for you.  

Your devoted wizard,

Baron Rolf Arbrec



The surrounding mist climbed Melissa’s boots and swirled in and around her legs like an affectionate cat. Gentle but firm, it pushed her inside the magical forest. The stillness of the place struck her. The kind of hush that fell over a room when something significant was about to happen. Her heart raced in anticipation. In front of her towered a massive Hawthorne tree with charred branches that seemed to welcome her. Between the gnarled limbs was a large blackened hole that filled the center of the trunk.

“I have been waiting for you.” She jumped at the sound of an old man’s voice. She screamed as a face appeared in the tree. “I do not mean to frighten you, child. I admire your courage. It’s a quality essential to your future.”

“Why am I here?” Melissa asked.

“To meet your Fate,” answered the raspy voice. The distant sound of hoof beats distracted the ghost-like image. “And he has arrived.”

Melissa turned toward the forest opening in confusion. “The mist . . .”

“Yes, it conceals our home from trespassers on the outside but does not impede our view from within.” The elderly man chuckled. “Rolf did not exaggerate your beauty.”


The pounding of hooves grew nearer.

“Ah.” The old man shook his head, regret in his eyes. “I must go.”

Horse and rider burst through the tree line. The great beast halted before her, and the stranger dismounted. In one fluid motion, he wrapped a powerful arm around her waist and pulled her hard against his chest.

He spoke only one word. “Melissa.”

The blood pumping through her veins throbbed in her ears. “Rolf?” she whispered, clinging to him, afraid to raise her eyes.

His fingers lightly stroked her cheek and sent a shudder through her body. He lifted her chin, bent his head, and then paused. Uncertain, she looked up, her mouth half-open in a silent question. The intensity and passion in his eyes told her he now claimed her as his own. Their breath mingled for a moment before his lips brushed hers. Then she threw back her head, surrendered to the sheer pleasure of his kiss, and her world shattered.

The soft touch of his mouth sent a shiver through her that made her knees buckle. His chest was hard beneath her palms. He buried his fingers in her hair and forced her head back, demanding more. She clutched at his tunic to hold herself up.

“I must have you.” His teeth nipped her earlobe; the whispered words tickled and teased her neck. One hand roamed the length of her back, sending waves of heat through the core of her body. His manhood pushed against her skirt. She struggled against this desire; her betrothed waited beyond the trees. Her mind told her to run, yet her heart begged to remain. She stopped resisting, leaned into him and gave way to pure passion.

Her mouth opened to return the kiss, only to feel him slip away. Her eyes flew open, and his image wavered then faded into the darkness. “Come back to me. Do not leave me like this.”

Melissa awoke, tears wet upon her cheeks. Emptiness burned in her stomach. She wrapped her arms around herself and curled into a tight ball to shield her body from the pain. She should not have hesitated.

11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…..why not get warmed up for it with a LOVE ANTHOLOGY!!”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing our book. Love your Spinelli detective series! Nick is my book boyfriend.

    1. You’re welcome, Aubrey, and thanks for the kind words about the Spinelli series.

  2. kishanpaul says:

    Thank you for hosting us! I love Rolf.

    1. You’re welcome. Don’t you just love Aubrey’s stories – Rolf?

  3. Thank you so much for having us, Valerie 🙂 xx

    1. It’s my pleasure, Michaela.

  4. *sigh* I love Rolf. Thanks so much for having us!

  5. Great post Val!! It’s going to be hard for me to choose between Spinelli and Rolf for my boyfriend so….I think I’ll just take both! 😉

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