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[Taken By Surprise - 99 cents!]

To Take Control of Her Life She’ll Sacrifice it All and Shatter Expectations


Everyone is shocked when Clare Ulster leaves her rich and handsome fiancé, chucks her well-to-do Milwaukee city life, and moves into her grandparents’ old homestead in the remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The quiet small town of Iron City is just what she needs to get her life in order and learn to stand on her own. No men needed!


>>Her Ex-Fiancé Is Out to Make Her Life a Living Hell


Unfortunately, disaster follows her. Unable to let her go, her abusive, cheating ex-fiancé finds his way to the U.P. and sets out to make Clare’s life more of a living hell then he’d done in the past. Additionally, Clare’s alleged involvement with the Fire Chief, aka, town player, lands her in a world of trouble with his ring of female admirers, sending her on a dangerously chaotic adventure including murder and kidnapping. With Clare’s life in danger, irresistible Police Chief Jack Ricco will do whatever it takes to keep their newest resident safe.


Will Clare and Jack be able to survive the deceptively peaceful Iron City?

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Need some convincing? Here are some reviews:

Daun said:

This author has the ability to draw in the reader from the very beginning. There is strong self-evaluation of the H and H and how they could have misjudged various people in their lives. This author manages to keep who is involved in actions a surprise. You can guess some bad folks but there are more involved than meet the eye! Really good book.

Ronak said:

The chemistry between Clare and Jack almost set my kindle on fire. It wasn’t just steamy but on Jack’s part is was very sweet and unrequited since he was a kid. The real story though was the horrible incidents that continued to threaten Clare’s life and finding out who was responsible doing these things to her. As the story grew so did the depth and complexities of the culprit. This truly made things interesting.

Christine said:

What a great book.
It has everything.
Power, romance and so much more.
The story got so complicated.
I loved this book.
Will read more by this author.
Thank you.

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