Addison & Clark’s Story, a Door County Romance is up for pre-order!

Howdy friends,

The pre-order is up and ready for Addison & Clark’s Story, a Door County Romance, the third novella in the Door County Romance series.

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Need some convincing?  Here’s the blurb:

He’s a widower tending to a grieving heart.

She’s a tenacious journalist hellbent on getting a story, regardless of who gets hurts.

When their worlds collide, they both find something they weren’t looking for, but desperately need.

Journalist Addison Carlisle is chasing a revenge story. She’s so close to getting it she can taste it. But one man holds vital personal information about the prominent political figure at the center of her story, and he isn’t talking.

Widower Clark Johnson is lonely, but the thought of sharing his life and loving someone else is unimaginable. When he is inexplicably drawn to a determined journalist hyper-focused on landing her big story, he does his best to deny his attraction to her.

Addison makes the trip from Milwaukee to rural Door County, Wisconsin, to pressure Clark for the information, but he refuses to compromise his values. The man’s wholesomeness both irritates and intrigues Addison, and she can’t help but fall for him and his small-town charm.

Is it possible for Addison to get a great story, without jeopardizing Clark’s ethics, and win his heart at the same time?

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