Release Day for MISSING EVIDENCE, a Crown Ranch Novel!


~ Heroes surface when least expected. ~

Story features:

  • Female veteran overcoming PTSD.
  • Over-protective hero, who’ll risk anything for the woman he loves.
  • Two wounded souls who together overcome their fears and find solace.
  • The power of family, friends, and love.


He possesses a unique skill set to unleash the truth.

She’s a veteran under protection.

When danger deepens, this unlikely duo sets out to wreak havoc on the man who murdered her brother.

When Garrett Crown’s friend is murdered on his watch, he’s devastated. Running from his demons, he leaves the city and returns to his family homestead in Kentucky, hopeful that small-town life and tranquility will once again be his companion.

Riley Murphy, aka Skeeter, spent ten years in the Army only to be ousted when she claimed that her commanding officer had beat her, and left her for dead. Soon after, her career Army brother commits suicide. Skeeter finds evidence of foul play, but her accusations fall on deaf ears when she names her commanding officer.

Fearing for her life, she takes refuge at the Crown Ranch under the protection of two of her brother’s former military friends, one being Garrett’s brother.

When reminders related to her past with her commanding officer show up at her doorstep, she again fears death.

Garrett feels a powerful attraction to Skeeter and vows to protect her, no matter the cost. He failed his friend, but he will NOT fail Skeeter.

Praise for the book:

JustJeri said: This is another hit for Ms Clarizio! This is an intense romantic suspense filled with drama, twists and turns, secrets, deception, emotional turmoil, and an abundance of tension. I was captivated from the first page. I highly recommend this book.

Katze said: I absolutely love Garrett & Skeeter’s (Riley’s) story, and so will you. It’s a real eye opener, and a wonderful story.

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